Creating rooms that are refined, curated, and rich with texture yet relaxed for today’s modern lifestyle -- this is the foundation of Jack Brown’s work.


As a Toronto native, Brown began his career in Los Angeles where he earned a degree in Interior Architecture from Woodbury University.  After graduating, he worked with acclaimed designer Craig Wright.  It was here where Brown honed his extensive knowledge of fine art and antique procurement present in his work today. 


After Wright, celebrated designer Michael S. Smith, recruited Brown to lead high-profile projects for industry leaders and celebrity clients, as well as Smith’s own private residences in New York and California.

This solid portfolio of knowledge and experience, built by working side-by-side with world-renowned designers, provided the springboard for Brown to strike out on his own in 2012 and launch Jack Brown Studio.


As principal designer for the Vancouver-based firm, Brown works with clients across Canada and the United States who seek out his keen eye for classic European and American design, and his ability to compliment their diverse lifestyles through tailored and cohesive designs.


The design process should be organic and developed in concert with the client,” Brown explains. By connecting with his clients and transforming their spaces into sophisticated, one-of-a-kind rooms, Brown has achieved a unique and sought after design perspective. 






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Marty Staniforth

Marty Staniforth has always enjoyed all aspects of the real estate business. He loves meeting and establishing relationships with people from all walks of life; helping them with one of the most important decisions they will ever make. Whether first time home buyer, or luxury home seller, Marty approaches each transaction with excitement and energy that ensures a positive and successful real estate experience. 


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